UK Trip.

So, some friends of mine are going to the UK during December. And it appears that it is going to be a couples trip.  While I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a single guy go on their trip. But I am sure it would make their gf/wives feel safer if I had someone along for the trip. So i have a lil more than 10 months to find someone to take to the UK.  Let’s see what I can do between now and then.  Hey, maybe I will even find the love of my life during the months between the trip. Who knows? I know I have my eyes and heart open. =)

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Posted on Tuesday, 24 January
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  1. jen-chewy said: so jealous, not only do you see snow in NY, but you’ll see it in UK too?! GRR……
  2. aloveforwords said: ill be your b/f if you pay for me ;)
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